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If you have borrowed a piece of equipment from us and found that it works well for you, we can provide you with vendor information. Please note, we do not sell equipment or provide financial loans.

We have compiled a Funding Guide that you can use to locate alternative funding options to help you purchase your assistive technology.


Buying new Assistive Technology isn’t always the only option. Our AT program has a used equipment marketplace called the AT Exchange. This marketplace is a similar platform to Craigslist, where users post pre-owned durable medical equipment for free or for sale. Users can also post items that they are looking for. Sign up and use of the website is free!

On this website, you can find items such as: adapted vans, walkers, shower benches, hospital beds and more! It is strongly encouraged that you work with a medical professional when obtaining used durable medical equipment to ensure its safety, sanitation, and proper fit for your needs.

If you have any questions, Contact us.