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Build Your AT Knowledge



An equipment demo involves visiting your local Tryout center for hands-on, guided exploration of assistive technology in our inventory. It is a great opportunity to investigate different options, ask an AT Specialist questions, and decide which tools could be right for you.

To schedule a demo, call us toll free at 1-800-750-6355 or email us at

To view our inventory, visit our online inventory website, AT4All (pronounced AT For All) Vermonters.


If you are still unsure about how something will work for you after the demo, you can take the equipment with you for a free 30 day loan! You can also request a loan without having a demonstration of the equipment.

Read about our loan program on the Borrow It page.


We can set up an informational display or conduct equipment demonstrations at your next outreach event, such as open houses, group meetings or exhibits. Our displays provide general information about accessing our services and include examples of assistive technology. We can also present about our services and provide an overview of AT. Read more about this service on our Public Awareness Information page.



We are available to provide training and/or workshops to your staff, either in person or remotely. These trainings can include instruction on specific devices, the application of devices, or ways to consider Assistive Technology. The purpose of staff training is to develop skill building and increase competencies. We will either conduct the training ourselves or hire a trainer. Read more about this service on our Group Trainings page.

Examples of trainings we have provided include:

This is a fee based service. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.


We can provide direct problem solving services to your program or agency to help you improve your services, management policies, and/or outcomes related to Assistive Technology. Examples of this can include helping your organization become more accessible to individuals with disabilities, supporting your program in developing a procedure for considering AT, and offering guidance around the appropriate use of AT.

Past Technical Assistance projects have included:

  • Helping a pharmacy develop a labeling solution that allows patrons with disabilities who have limited English proficiency to access their medication instructions in their primary language.
  • Assisting an organization make their instructional manual accessible and available in audio format
  • Assisting an organization in creating their own AT demonstration inventory so that they can try AT directly with their consumers.

Technical Assistance involves Training, therefore, this is a fee based service. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.