Public Awareness Information

Request us for Public Awareness at your event.

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Minimum Attendance Required:

10 people


  1. Tabling at your next conference or event: Ask us to set up an informational display or equipment demonstration at your next outreach event such as an open house, support group, conference or exhibition. We can bring a variety of assistive technologies that might be relevant to your target audience and provide them with information about how to access our services.
  2. Group Presentation (1-1.5 hours): the Vermont Assistive Technology Program is available to do an overview of 1) the core services of our program, 2) of what assistive technology is, and 3) an overview of some relevant examples of assistive technology. This is a great way to introduce assistive technology either to your organizations staff, or to consumers and families that you work with.

Materials Provided:

  1. Flyers about the Vermont Assistive Technology Program.
  2. A copy of the accessible PowerPoint presentation.
  3. A digital list of resource links related to our program.
  4. Example vendor catalogs.
  5. Flyers for other relevant programs, such as the Independence fund or Equipment Distribution program.

Facility Requirements:

  1. The venue must be wheelchair accessible.
  2. Access to a table for displaying.
  3. A table space that has room around it for a power wheelchair.
  4. Access to Wifi.
  5. Access to Electricity.

Additionally, for group presentations:

  1. A quiet room with enough seating for all participants.
  2. A clear place on a wall to project, a projection screen, or a wall mounted large screen TV.

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Phillip Seiler

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Toll Free in Vermont: 1-800-750-6355
Fax: (802) 241-0341
For Telecommunications Relay Service: Dial 711

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