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  1. $100/hour of training time.
  2. $35/hour for prep time.
  3. Mileage Reimbursement at .55 cents/mile.

Minimum Attendance Required:

5 people.


Group trainings can be either topic or device specific. All trainings (unless otherwise requested) will include an overview of our core services, a general introduction to AT, and an introduction to the CETT framework (adapted from Joy Zabala’s SETT framework). All additional time will be focused on the requested topic. Some examples include: an interactive look at selecting assistive technology for an individual using case studies, a rundown of iPad apps used in education, the accessibility settings on smart devices, technologies for the t-coil in hearing aids, smart home devices, etc. These trainings go above what we offer for public awareness and generally are 2-3 hours long.

Materials Provided:

  1. An accessible copy of the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Flyers about the Vermont Assistive Technology Program.
  3. A digital list of resource links related to our program.
  4. Example vendor catalogs.
  5. Flyers for other relevant programs, such as the Independence fund or Equipment Distribution program.
  6. Other materials as requested.

Facility Requirements:

  1. The venue must be wheelchair accessible.
  2. A quiet room with enough seating for all participants.
  3. A clear place on a wall to project, a projection screen, or a wall mounted large screen TV.
  4. Access to Wifi.
  5. Access to electricity.
  6. Access to a table for displaying.


If there are any special accommodation requests, please notify us as soon as possible. Examples may include: handouts in large print, hearing devices, audio descriptions of physical objects for individuals with visual impairments, closed captioning of videos, materials in advance, etc.


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