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Assistive Technology Reuse Program


Get AT Stuff

The Assistive Technology Exchange in New England is now online!

  • Do you need assistive technology?

    • Find it on the AT Exchange.

  • Do you have an assistive technology device you don't need?

    • Sell or donate it on the AT Exchange in New England.

Get AT Stuff -  is an online "classifieds" where you can donate or locate new and used Assistive Technology (AT), durable medical equipment and vans with a Nation Wide Toll Free access 888-827-2714 for those who do not use the internet.  Vermonters, New Englanders and others can post equipment/devices no longer needed as "Items Available", search to locate items needed or post "Items Needed".  Items available are often free or low cost, for instance, electric beds, alternating air pressure mattresses, communication devices (simple and more complex), Hoyer lifts, stair glides, adaptive vans and numerous other daily living aids.  Many people have stayed in their homes with an improve quality of life when equipment could not be funded in any other way. Providers or individuals may request an excel spreadsheet of all current listings and needed items.


Click here for an Excel spreadsheet of current Available Items and Needed Items listed on

Newest listings are highlighted in yellow.



Vermont AT School Swap


Many schools have purchased Assistive Technology (AT) devices for students who ahve graduated or moved out of district. Many of the AT or Durable Medical Devices - special keyboards, mice, software, laptops, communication devices, wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers and more may be in a closet, on a shelf or in a drawer - not being used.

What if another student in your district or across the state could benefit from that AT device? Help recycle and reuse unused AT and DME devices with the AT School Swap! 23 Supervisory Unions/Districts are participating.

This is a "members only" online exchange for VT School systems. If you and your school are interested in participating in the AT School Swap, please visit: click on the Request and Account tab and send your contact information, or call Sharon Alderman - AT Reuse Coordinator - Toll Free 888-827-2714